Caillou, Storybook Treasury, 25th Anniversary Edition (Hardcover)

Ten Bestselling Stories

By Chouette Publishing, Eric Sevigny (Illustrator)

Caillou, 9782897181499, 256pp.

Publication Date: September 9, 2014

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The story of Caillou Christine L'Heureux founded Chouette Publishing in 1987. Inspired by the work of psychoanalyst Fran oise Dolto (1908-1988), Christine made it her mission to conceive stories to guide children through the different stages in their development. Caillou was born through the combined talents of Christine L'Heureux, creator of the project and author of the texts, and H l ne Desputeaux, who illustrated the first books. The creativity and passion of a team of writers, illustrators and early-childhood specialists have made Caillou a unique hero, known across the globe. Twenty-five years later, Caillou books are published in thirty-five countries and have sold more than 15 million copies. Caillou first appears as a completely bald nine-month-old baby. Because he is a human character, children can naturally identify with Caillou and form strong emotional bonds with him. In giving the leading role to a human boy, Chouette went against tradition; before Caillou, most series for young children starred animals. This human character makes it possible for the stories to speak to children about their experiences and feelings as they navigate the phases of their development. But the central feature of the Caillou books is, above all, that they are not written from the point of view of an adult. There is no parent acting as teacher or pressuring the child to behave acceptably. Instead, the goal of the books is to portray the inner world of a young child and show children how to work their way successfully through their daily lives. With continued support from child psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, the stories have been crafted to help children understand themselves and to feel understood and unconditionally accepted, laying the foundation for emotional security and self-esteem. Similarly, the Caillou books provide support to parents who may be dealing with unfamiliar situations and looking for ways to guide their little ones through childhood. The real-life experiences portrayed in the books give parents an opportunity to discuss the issues with their child. With the advent of the television cartoon, Caillou became a little boy of four, clearly recognizable because he still has no hair. From the beginning, the cartoons have respected the essence of the character, allowing all the world's children to see themselves in Caillou. He is like every child, and every child can identify with him.

About the Author

Eric Sevigny is a graphic artist and the illustrator of numerous Caillou titles, such as Caillou: Every Drop Counts, Caillou: Happy Holidays, and Caillou Puts Away His Toys.