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Cover for Giza in Der 4. Dynastie

Giza in Der 4. Dynastie

Die Baugeschichte Und Belegung Einer Nekropole Des Alten Reiches. Band I: Die Mastabas Der Kernfriedhofe Und Die Felsg

Peter Janosi


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Based on the results of the archaeological excavations conducted by G. A. Reisner, H. Junker, S. Hassan and others in the twentieth century, this (first) volume ventures to reconstruct the building history and the development of the private necropolis in Giza during the Fourth Dynasty. In the first section of the book, general problems concerning the dating of tombs are addressed and discussed. The second part deals with the mastabas of the so-called hub cemeteries erected for the elite under Khufu. In assessing the architecture and the archaeology of the tombs and their chapels, a chronological time frame has been established in which the beginning, the alterations and enlargements, the completion and finally the use of the tombs under Cheops and later is discussed. In the third part of the investigation, the rock-cut tombs that served as burial places for the princes and high officials are dealt with. The "sudden" appearance of this type of tomb marks a drastic deviation from traditional tomb building. The development of the architecture of the rock-cut tombs as well as their affect on tomb building in the following dynasties is thoroughly discussed. Special attention is devoted to the development of the offering chamber, which exhibits fundamental changes in the course of time.

Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 9783700132448, 459pp.

Publication Date: December 1, 2005