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The Illumination of the Heart

Experiencing a Divine Miracle (Teaching of the Heart #2)

Zinovia Dushkova


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"The entrance of the Messiah in this period -- 1998," predicted Edgar Cayce in 1932. His prediction accurately came true, but very few people knew about this... until now.

Where and how did the Messiah descend into the earthly world, predicted long ago, but wholly unnoticed?

In Book 2 of The Teaching of the Heart series, the Lord, for the first time in history, unveils this Secret. He entrusts all human hearts to witness the greatest and most unprecedented Miracle of the Divine Incarnation of His Son, which took place in 1998 within several worlds as the first stage of the Advent.

However, not only will you behold this Miracle as if through your own eyes, but you will also experience it within your own heart. As you read the powerfully poetic pages of this book, an imperceptible mystery will occur inside you: the Divine Love of the Lord will transfigure the essence of your entire being, preparing you to become a particle of His human entity at the time of the Great Advent.

Offering spiritual food for further deep reflections, The Teaching of the Heart continues to provide you with inspirational and illuminating instructions from the Lord of Love and Compassion to transform the whole world through self-perfection.

Will you let the Saviour be born inside your heart?

Radiant Books, 9785990826830, 330pp.

Publication Date: December 19, 2016