Qusṭā Ibn Lūqā's Medical Regime for the Pilgrims to Mecca (Hardcover)

The Risāla Fī Tadbīr Safar Al-Ḥajj (Islamic Philosophy #11)

By Bos

Brill, 9789004095410, 184pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 1992

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This work by Qusṭā Ibn Lūqā, the only known health guide for the pilgrim to Mecca, discusses in a concise and logical manner the best regime for the traveller, the diseases which may befall him and their treatment. It is an eloquent witness to the author's profound knowledge of the works of ancient physicians, especially those of the Byzantine physician Paul of Aegina. After an exposition of the best regimen for the traveller, Qusṭā mentions the different diseases which may befall him, namely, fatigue, earache, diseases of the bronchial tubes and those caused by dust. Recommended remedies are simple and compound drugs, bathing and massage. Qusṭā then discusses criteria to determine the quality of water, means to improve bad water, and means to quench one's thirst. In the next chapters Qusṭā treats the prophylaxis against vermin and the treatment of stings and bites caused by them. After a lucid exposition of spontaneous generation, Qusṭā concludes his treatise by discussing the occurrence of the Dracunculus medinensis and its treatment.

About the Author

Gerrit Bos, Ph.D. (1989) at the Vrije Universiteit, thesis: The Treatise of Qusṭā Ibn Lūqā on the Regimen during the Pilgrimage to Mecca.