Bible Illuminated: The Book New Testament-Gnt (Paperback)

The Book New Testament-Gnt

By Illuminated World (Manufactured by)

Illuminated World, 9789197669443, 283pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2008



A homeless man walking. A soldier preparing for combat. A mother nursing her newborn child. Never before has a publisher illuminated the Bible with such an array of striking, even provocative contemporary photographs. Wrapped in an arresting cover, Bible Illuminated: The Book, New Testament presents the Bible in a full-color, glossy magazine format, set in running text with no verses, inviting readers to step into the Bible and experience it in a whole new way. The Book, using the Good News Translation as approved by the American Bible Society, will introduce believers and non-believers to a culturally relevant, accessible Bible and will encourage dialogue between people from all walks of life. When was the last time you picked it up and read it?