Buddha (Paperback)

An Enlightened Life (Campfire Graphic Novels)

By Kieron Moore, Rajesh Nagulakonda (Illustrator)

Campfire, 9789381182291, 160pp.

Publication Date: July 11, 2017



In the ancient city of Kapilavastu, a prince named Siddhartha Gautama was born, and a wise man declared that he would grow up to be either a powerful king or a spiritual leader who would end suffering. Though his father kept him sheltered, Siddhartha soon became aware of the pain and disease that plagued the world and so abandoned his noble life in order to find answers. He'd eventually become the founder of a religion which persists today, and which has spread a message of compassion and understanding across the world. It was not an easy journey; Siddhartha faced the temptations of a demon, the outbreaks of war, and rebellion within his own order. Follow his journey from prince to pauper and from beggar to Buddha.

About the Author

Kieron Moore grew up in Lancashire, northern England. He studied at the University of York, and has worked in the British TV and film industries, plus has made a living as a freelance writer and journalist, writing for Doctor Who Adventures, Starburst magazine, and Intellect Books. Comics have always been one of his passions, having started by publishing a Star Wars rip-off about a Jedi penguin online at the age of twelve. His writing has become better since then, but his artwork has become significantly worse, so he gets other people to do that bit now. Lines and colors have been a part of Rajesh Nagulakonda's life right from his childhood in Chirala, Andhra Pradesh. His grandfather was a goldsmith and his father a printer. Both of them influenced him to take up art as a career. Rajesh believes in instinct rather than education. He mostly spends his time alone trying to explore different forms of art, such as sculpture, nail-art on paper, metal engraving, and of course, painting. Rajesh lives in Delhi with his wife and two daughters and with dreams of becoming a versatile artist. Some of his Campfire titles are Magical Animals, Krishna, The Little Alien, Ganesha and Pride and Prejudice.