Tales of Old Peking (Paperback)

Inside the Walls of China's Tumultuous Capital

By Derek Sandhaus

Earnshaw Books, 9789881815422, 180pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2012

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A forbidden city for Westerners for hundreds of years, China’s capital has always been viewed as one of the world’s most mysterious cities. This book re-creates a sense of old Peking through a pastiche of historical snippets—stories, quotations, cartoons, postcards and drawings—and shares intriguing tidbits about the Imperial Court. Placing Peking in the context of the Boxer Rebellion, when two very different yet equally headstrong cultures clashed, this is a valuable source for those interested in Chinese history.

About the Author

Derek Sandhaus has written on Chinese history for magazines, blogs, and podcasts. He is the author of "Tales of Old Hong Kong "and the editor of "Decadence Mandchoue."

Praise For Tales of Old Peking: Inside the Walls of China's Tumultuous Capital

“The best stories and the juiciest information on Beijing's history. Vastly entertaining.”  —Paul French, author, Midnight in Peking

“This is the perfect companion to any Beijing guidebook. The anecdotes, even more the superb images, conjure the old city of Peking as seen through foreign eyes, highlighting its idiosyncrasies, its comedies and tragedies. Through every account, whether humorous, awed, or scholarly, breathes a sense of wonder.”  —Adam Williams, author, The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure

“Through a combination of painstaking archival research and brilliant scholarship, Derek Sandhaus not only rights the historical record, but also makes a persuasive case for the historical veracity of what must count as one of the most outrageous, colorful, and hilarious memoirs ever written.”  —Frank Dikotter, chair of humanities, University of Hong Kong, on Decadence Mandchoue