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For questions and inquiries, please email Samantha Schoech, Program Director, at

IBD Staff

Program DirectorSamantha Schoech
ABA COO: Joy Dallanegra-Sanger
PublicityElka Karl


2020-21 IBD Advisory Committee Members

Aaron Curtis, Book & Books, FL
Candice Huber, Tubby & Coo’s, New Orleans, LA
Luis Correa, Avid Bookshop, Athens, GA
Clarissa Murphy, MIT Bookstore, Cambridge, MA
Bettina Dirks, Magic City Books, Tulsa, OK
Donya Craddock, The Dock Bookshop, TX
Beth Stroh, Viewpoint Books, Columbus, IN
Alyson Turner, Source Books, Detroit, MI
Rebekah Rine, Watermark Books, Wichita, KS
Riley Jay Davis, Next Chapter, St. Paul, MN
Bonnie Monnier, Curious Iguana, Baltimore, MD
Lea Bickerton, The Tiny Bookstore, Pittsburgh, PA
Melinda Powers, Bookshop Santa Cruz, CA
Pete Mulvihill, Green Apple Books, San Francisco, CA
Jessica Palacios, One Upon a Time, Montrose, CA
Tameka Blackshire, Book Soup, LA, CA
Tegan Tigani, Queen Anne Book Co, Seattle, WA


Thank you to our Contributors

Melissa Napolitano (web designer)
Julie Jarema (logo designer)
Zack Ruskin (designer)
Kristine Brogno (book designer)
Pagoda Arts (Laser Cutters) (audiobook partner)

IBD Contact & Media

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