The Effect of Shopping Local

A recent national survey revealed independent retail businesses are outperforming many chains, and the Shop Local movement is a big factor.

Holiday sales for the indies surveyed declined an average of 5% from the previous year. The number compares favorably to most competing chains, whose declines ranged from -7.7% to -24.2%.

The survey was conducted by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) and other independent business organizations.

"Many people are choosing to direct more of their spending to local businesses," said Stacy Mitchell, senior researcher with ILSR. "Study after study has concluded that locally owned businesses deliver more jobs and significantly greater economic benefits to their communities."

Indies in cities with active Shop Local campaigns did even better: their average drop in sales was 3.2%, compared to 5.6% decline in cities without local initiatives. 95% of the retailers said that being locally owned matters to their customers.

Read more about the survey here.


jessicaburkhart's picture

The Shop Local campaigns are

The Shop Local campaigns are definitely working. Great news! :)

Patrick's picture

where possible I tend to buy from a local store

Shopping local is definitely better. I used to be a big fan of the huge shopping malls however nowadays I prefer to buy from my local shops and actually there does not appear to be much difference in the price anyway. Also the service is definitely much better.

Dating Jones's picture

Local is cool

I vote for local too. I've bought local from small shops instead of in big chains a lot of times, even though it was more expensive. I also find it interesting how we can make online stores local, or give it a local feel, even though it is by default so global as it can be :-)

LukeSneddon's picture

i laways try buy from from

i laways try buy from from independant stores. i like helping the people who are trying to make their own mark on business

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