My Home Town

This video comes to us from Lexie Smith, an NYU student from Westchester County, NY. Thanks, Lexie!

Can't wait to see your video!


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Videos yea!

Love that Local. Nice job Lexie! I like, I like!!

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What I always wonder is how

What I always wonder is how can we connect a local store with an online presence? I think using social networking, often updated websites, and dynamic content is all heading in the right direction but there is still a huge barrier.
Personally, I think we need to extend the conversations happening (or that were happening) in the stores and extend them online.
I have been following a lot of medical blogs and it sounds like some hospitals are starting to use social networking as a way to reach out to patients(with varying degrees of success). Health care has lost its personality to bureaucracy and paperwork, and some employees are trying to change that. That said, they are more testing the waters than setting an example. There are similar situations in areas like politics, and the music industry, taking advantage of cheap communications online.
So who wants to be the first to dive in?

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