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New York Times 2009 Art, Architecture & Design Books

New York Times®: Art, Architecture & Design Books
Holiday 2009

Vincent Van Gogh

(Hardcover, Thames & Hudson)

Marcel Duchamp

(Hardcover, Yale University Press)

Paul Thek

(Hardcover, MIT Press (MA))

Art Workers

(Hardcover, University of California Press)

Painting Today

(Hardcover, Phaidon Press)

American Stories

(Hardcover, Metropolitan Museum of Art)

The Age of Comfort

(Hardcover, Bloomsbury USA)

John Wesley

(Hardcover, Fondazione Prada)

Heat Waves in a Swamp

(Hardcover, Prestel Publishing)

The Beats

(Hardcover, Hill and Wang)

Burtynsky Oil

(Hardcover, Steidl Dap)

Darwin's Camera

(Hardcover, Oxford University Press, USA)

Cezanne and Beyond

(Hardcover, Yale University Press)

The Younger Than Jesus Artist Directory

(Paperback, Phaidon Press)

Learning from Hangzhou

(Paperback, Timezone 8)

Bauhaus Women

(Hardcover, Flammarion-Pere Castor)


(Hardcover, Aperture)