FoxTale Book Shoppe

Business Type: Bookstore

105 East Main Street
Woodstock, Georgia 30188

Phone: (770) 516-9989


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ReneawWinchester's picture

FoxTale Book Shoppe, How I love Thee

If you are looking for a life-long relationship with a bookseller, look no further than the FoxTale ladies. They possess the ability to suggest authors you will immediately fall in love with. Then they will personally introduce you to them during one of their frequent author events. A charming store for the book lover inside of all of us.

daisychains's picture

A Lovely Place to Shop

FoxTale is probably my second favorite book shop that I've ever visited. The dim lighting, helpful staff and clear layout makes for a very nice experience, plus FoxTale is one of the few indie book shops that still holds meet-and-greets for authors and their fans.

The only complaint I have is that it's not homey enough. The best book shop I've ever been in is, sadly, in Ohio, but it was absolutely perfect. It had low lighting, but lots of lamps next to the vast nooks and crannies that housed sitting places: giant, overstuffed chairs, small, cushioned benches, a pillow on a step going upstairs, etc. The actual book shop was in an old Victorian house that looked a little in shambles, with old, peeling wallpaper, chipped paint, creaky stairs, a giant attic above three stories of history crammed with books, chairs and lamps.

It was amazing, but it was a used book shop and FoxTale is not, so FoxTale wins out on that bit. Either way, FoxTale is absolutely amazing, especially when you want to avoid a giant department store with a limited selection, or an enormous book store chain that smells too clean.

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