Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Business Type: Bookstore

161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington Green
Lexington, Kentucky 40503

Phone: (859) 273-2911


Joseph-Beth Booksellers' Headquarters includes a central distribution center, the Art and Marketing offices and Buyers servicing Joseph-Beth and Davis-Kidd Booksellers.

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My boss and I stopped here in

My boss and I stopped here in February during the Fire and Ice Festival, on our way to New York City. Sam was helpful and enthusiastic! her recommendation of the Tea Shop Girls was fantastic and I devoured the book that night in our hotel. The store has old proofread my essay and new books, great prices and friendly staff. Thanks for being a friendly face on the long drive!

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Davis Kidd in Nashville

How could you possibly think of closing a store who has done and still does so much business for you and Nashville! You have managed to destroy one of the major landmarks and highspots of this city. I find it extremely hard to believe that there is such a lack of business at DK you would have to shut them down. I understand your financial situation, but do not close DK as part of your re-structure! Please! We the patrons of DK and citizens of Nashville beg you to reconsider.

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First time author treated like New York Times bestseller

As an independent author I quickly discovered that marketing is quite an undertaking, and so I struggled where to have my first book signing. I wasn't hopeful at the prospects of Joseph-Beth as a venue (they are undoubtedly the best bookstore in the area), and so when I contacted Brooke Raby, Joe-Beth's events' coordinator, I didn't know what to expect.

After we exchanged pertinent information, Brooke informed me that they took great pride in supporting their local authors, and they would be happy to host the event. A few weeks before the signing I was surprised to find a five-foot banner hanging proudly across the second story balcony, my book displayed on the front table next to New York Times best selling authors.

The night of the event about one-hundred people came and we quickly ran out of books. Brooke had order forms at the ready, and the incredible customer service and wonderful atmosphere was such that no one complained.

Without a doubt my first book signing couldn't have been better, and I will forever be thankful to Joseph-Beth for their kindness and hospitality.

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