June 2020 Indie Next List #1 Great Read

A Burning: A Novel by Megha MajumdarA Burning: A Novel by Megha MajumdarOn the cover of this month's Indie Next list is
A Burning: A Novel, by Megha Majumdar

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“Majumdar’s suspenseful narrative holds a mirror up to society at large, reflecting the lies people tell themselves to rationalize sacrificing morality for personal gain. Unintended consequences from an impulsive social media post explode against a backdrop of deep economic insecurities and centuries-old prejudices. A searing debut, this novel is timely and timeless. It packs a punch way above its weight. Brilliant.”

Lisa Johnson, Penguin Bookshop, Sewickley, PA


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Elisabeth Thomas, author of CATHERINE HOUSE, at the ALAMW2020 LibraryReads Author Breakfast

Elisabeth Thomas talks about her debut novel CATHERINE HOUSE at the LibraryReads Author Breakfast at ALA Midwinter 2020 in Philadelphia!


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