August 2020 Indie Next List #1 Great Read

Migrations: A Novel by Charlotte McConaghyMexican Gothic: A Novel by Silvia Moreno-GarciaOn the cover of this month's Indie Next list is
Migrations: A Novel, by Charlotte McConaghy

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“Imagine a world where almost all the animals have disappeared. Imagine a love strong enough to believe it can make a difference. In a fragile, near-future world, author Charlotte McConaghy gives us Franny Stone, a character as wild and broken as the few remaining Arctic terns she is determined to follow on what will most likely be their last migration. Franny’s quest is as epic as Captain Ahab’s, and while it leaves much destruction in its wake, it is ultimately a quest toward life. Migrations is a book so beautiful it will leave you breathless. Breathless with cold despair, and breathless with pulsating life and hope. This is a truly stunning debut.”

Lisa Swayze, Buffalo Street Books, Ithaca, NY


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Authors at Abbey's 131 York Street, Sydney - Crossings is a wildly imaginative romp through history in three parts, with vivid characters, designed to be read in two different directions.


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