Aaron's Books - Lovin' Lititz, PA

Aaron’s Books in Lititz, PA just sent me this great ad, featuring an IndieBound Snack Nap Read poster--and the store's namesake Aaron trying to do all three at once!

Lititz was just named a Distinctive Destination by The National Trust for Historic Preservation. Aaron's Books owner Sam Droke-Dickinson says, “In their award presentation it was noted that we are distinct not only because of the history of the town, but the indie shops that make up the historic district."  

"Lots of the town merchants are buying into promoting shopping local," Sam said.  "I’ve given out lots of the We’re IndieBound decals, and there was a Shop Local, Shop Lititz town-wide promotion for the month of December.  We also have given out and displayed around town the Here’s What You Just Did, which has garnered many conversations at the register.

The growth of supporting shopping local and indie really came to fruition with something we call Lovin’ Lititz Every 2nd which started in June of 2007.  The 2nd Friday of every month all 50 businesses stay open until 9:00 PM, and there are bands, artists, and other free entertainments going on inside and on the sidewalks.

Having events like this has really boosted morale for the shop owners. We have many customers that plan their month so that they can get to Lititz on that 2nd Friday, and make it a point to show off all the goodies they get by shopping locally that night.”

Thanks for the report, Sam! You can read more about the Distinctive Destination and the shop local efforts in Lititz at the Aaron's Books blog here.