Reading Group Conversation Starters

You may have noticed—hundreds of book info pages now feature "conversation starter" questions, courtesy of Reading Group Choices.

One teaser question appears on a page, and a click on "read more" brings up a full list of questions intended to provoke conversations among book groups and promote critical reading.

Check out the reading group guide for The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood.

Since 1994, Reading Group Choices has been recommending discussible books and providing conversation starters. Annually, it prints a nationally distributed guide to recommended titles and questions—the 2009 15th Anniversary Edition is still available, and the 2010 guide is on the way!

Here are general ideas from Reading Group Choices to stimulate book group discussion:

  • Who are they key characters How do their experiences cause them to grow?
  • How does the setting and time period affect the story?
  • Have any of the events in the story happened in your life?
  • Did the story change your opinion of a place, event, time period, etc.? How so?

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