Indie City - Providence

More interesting indie shops in Rhode Island—this time from Providence. Explore these selections from rhode island:

Farmstead - "'To brie or not to brie' is not a question worth puzzling over. The answer is always yes, and doubly so, when it's a double cream brie, as you might find at Farmstead."

Frog & Toad - "If you need a little shopping thrill, a cool watch, or some small touch for your home or a hostess gift, it's all here in the wonderful kaleidoscope of color and texture that is Frog & Toad."

Javaspeed - "The bad boys who hang here and the women who love them mingle among the vapors of scooter lube, steamed milk, and the "eau de scooter" wafting off the members of the Death or Glory Rally Club."

New Rivers - "Even in Rhode Island you can collect some lettuce from this fella's farm, a few oysters from that guy's aqua bed, and maybe find a nice free-range chicken native to Tiverton. Bruce puts all this together masterfully."

Simple Pleasures - "Situated in a tiny 19th century forge building beside the Seekonk River, Simple Pleasures is, quite simply, one of the loveliest shops you'll ever see from the outside. Yet on the inside, it manages to somehow be even lovelier."

Julian's - "It's lunch. You ran today, and you're feeling healthy. What do you want to eat? Julian's tempeh wrap. It's evening. You've got friends visiting from somewhere really cool. What do you want to eat? Julian's board special. Julian's. Forever."

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