IndieBound for iPhone 2.0

eBooks, Indie Style

The IndieBound for iPhone app has received a major upgrade—now you can search for and purchase eBooks from independent booksellers across the United States. (eBooks download automatically into the free eReader app.) The Indie Bestsellers, the Indie Next List, and other book lists, now feature an "also available as an eBook" sticker where appropriate. And the Book Search has been upgraded with a choice of three searches: all results, books only, or ebooks only.

Now the main book search on includes eBooks along with regular results, and a special list of Indie Next List Favorites in eBooks has been added.

Map it Out

The iPhone Indie Store Finder has received some upgrades, too. The iPhone app now includes integrated Google Maps, so you can view the stores close to you on a map without exiting the IndieBound app. Need directions? Just tap on a pin and you can go directly to the full Google Maps application for detailed directions by car, public transport, or on foot.

Know which store you're looking for, but just want to know where it is? Here's something of an "easter egg": you can also now search the Indie Store Finder map by store name. Either on or in the iPhone app, just begin your search with "store:" and you'll receive up to 30 results that match your search. For example ("store:porto rico") will pull up three great sources for coffee in NYC! (Please note—this feature is still experimental.)

Get your Wish Lists Ready!

The holidays are fast approaching, and now is the time to make sure your IndieBound Wish List is up-to-date with the books you want for the holidays. Refresh yourself on what's possible with our video walkthrough. (iPhone users can also manage their Book Lists from the IndieBound for iPhone app.)

As always: stay tuned for much more. And get thee to thy local independent bookstore this holiday season!