Highlighted comments!

As you may be able to guess, my life kind of revolves around IndieBound. I talk about it all the time, most of the time with this guy, but with co-workers, friends and strangers, as well. I also read the site through and through. Reading recently got me thinking: I want to highlight some of the nice comments I’ve read from users on their favorite indie businesses!

Watermark Books
This store has been our family favorite for years. We no longer live there, but every trip home to visit family requires at least one trip to Watermark. Now that my children are young teenagers, I especially love their recommendations for this age group because I know they have been previewed by actual teenagers as well as those who are still teenagers at heart. They seek out the great and unusual and the whole family loves Watermark!
-- cjreads

Kristopher’s Culinaire
Great Local Products
Khristopher's Culinaire is a great store. They sell a variety of locally made food including locally roasted fair trade coffee, baking mixes, nuts, and fresh foods including cheese and tortas. They also sell many products made in Colorado. The staff is always friendly when you walk in and the products and displays look fresh and inviting.

When Sadie May is there you are also in for a very special treat! She is the 5 year old daughter of the owners and always entertaining and spunky.
-- kavery123

St. Helen’s Book Shop
best gift ever!
Thank you to the ladies at St. Helen's for getting by boyfriend's graduation gift in time. I know I bugged y'all but I'm eternally grateful for all your help. He received it with the the most hilarious inscription from Chuck Palahniuk and told me it was the best gift ever. I will definitely be coming back soon! Thank you! Hope the weather gets better, Happy Holidays!
-- nola80

A Novel Experience
A Wonderful Experience
We were traveling south through Georgia and pulled up across from the courthouse in Zebulon to take a break. What a piece of luck! A bookstore right in front of our eyes! A Novel Experience occupies one of the most inviting bookstore spaces I have ever been in. Their stock ranges from the newest to very old, from paperback fiction to hardcover art and history books. We met one of the three owners and were delighted with her welcome and knowledge, but even the pleasure of that conversation couldn't keep us from the books, and we left with half a dozen. This is a bookstore obviously founded on a passion for books and a vision of vibrant community. A Novel Experience is only three years old, and I predict it will grow in complexity and richness with every passing year. Welcoming and beautiful space, friendly and knowledgeable staff, lots of good books and reasonable prices. Get off the expressway and onto Hwy. 19!
-- dogears

Abuelita’s Knitting & Needlepoint
A Couple Dozen Scarves Later...
Wow! What service, selection, and layout! There's a large welcoming table in the middle of the store, and walls lined with yarn yarn and more yarn! The friendliest sales associate helped me find an instructional book ( I don't live close enough to take their classes) and offered wonderful advice on how to begin knitting.

Now from a retail biz background stand point: They have the cutest bags with their logo on it, give you a logo'd charm place keeper when you spend above a certain dollar amount. All of this equals a very high-end boutique feel...without the crazy high prices.
I love this place so much!
-- Miss Fleurty