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Rhode Island indie shops and restaurants from all over. Get the full experience in rhode island:

Tio Mateo's - "Left to my own devices, I might just layer mole over mole and call that a meal. Fortunately for my balanced diet, the fine chefs at Tio Mateo provide a simple and tasty menu of burritos, enchiladas and tacos over which to spread the liquid gold."

7 Ply - "'7 Ply has that air of coolness that compels you to pull over and check it out. If it's seductive to me, imagine how great it is for South County's many committed surfers and skaters."

La Laiterie - "Entomb me in La Laiterie, and I will undoubtedly make a happy passage and be content for all eternity."

Rocket to Mars - "Rocket to Mars is just good, clean, archetypal vintage. Atomic-era relics and childhood memories in plastic, lucite and needlepoint."

Alloy Gallery - "Inside the narrow, spare shop, you'll discover work by eight or ten designers, mostly RISD graduates. Each tall case features deeply original work gleaming in silvers and golds but also featuring enamels, wools and other fun materials."

Lucky Garden - "I can come in and say, 'Hong Kong menu, please.' And then, like the sudden shift to color in The Wizard of Oz, the world becomes a brighter place."

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